5 Ways Music Improves Our Health

When I gave birth to my first-born, I listened to CDs

Woman wearing headphones and laughing.
Woman wearing headphones and laughing.

of classical music in the hospital. I figured that music would help calm me and distract me from the pain.

You might use music to distract yourself from painful or stressful situations, too. Or perhaps you’ve listened to music while studying or working out, hoping to up your performance. Though you may sense that music helps you feel better somehow, only recently has science begun to figure out why that is.

Neuroscientists have discovered that listening to music heightens positive emotion through the reward centers of our brain, stimulating hits of dopamine that can make us feel good or even elated. Listening to music also lights up other areas of the brain — in fact, almost no brain center is left untouched — suggesting more widespread effects and potential uses for music.

Music’s neurological reach, and its historic role in healing and cultural rituals, has led researchers to consider ways music may improve our health and wellbeing. In particular, researchers have looked for applications in

How to Clean a Black Lacquer Baby Grand Piano


A baby grand piano with black lacquer finish stands out as an elegant piece of furniture in a home as well as a musical instrument. Like other finishes, the lacquer requires basic maintenance to stay looking its best. Wiping with a feather duster or soft damp cloth keeps the finish clean and free from dust.If left to sit for a long time, dust can lead to scratches on the lacquer finish. Frequently dusting the piano keeps this from happening. Use a feather duster to brush the dust away. If you don’t have a feather duster, use a soft nonabrasive cloth or piece of cotton. Slightly dampen the cloth and wipe down the finish using minimal pressure followed by a dry cloth immediately afterward to prevent moisture damage. When wiping down the piano, follow the direction of the grain if it is visible to avoid potential scratches.Fingerprints sometimes wipe off with a damp cloth during routine cleaning but if not, add a little oil soap to that damp cloth when wiping down the piano, followed by a clean, damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

Clean a Piano is so difficult

To mark National Piano Month, we asked our Facebook fans to submit their piano-related questions for Damon Groves (pictured), The Royal Conservatory’s Concert Piano Technician and a member of The Conservatory’s Piano Technology team. In this first of two posts, Damon shares responses to your cleaning questions, including advice on dealing with the dilemma of dust.

Kaoru Sato Miller: How do I clean inside my grand piano?

Damon: The short answer is very carefully. Piano technicians have special tools for cleaning grand pianos. One of the tools is called a soundboard steel. It is a very thin, malleable piece of steel that can be inserted in between the strings to clean the soundboard. We attach a cloth to one end of the soundboard steel and carefully dust off the soundboard. I have used a vacuum, too, but very carefully. Stay clear of the dampers- the little, black pieces of wood above the strings. Dampers are very sensitive and you don’t want to touch them (or even worse, vacuum them). Keeping the lid closed is a great way to keep dust out.

Piano Playground Studio: Is it harmful to my piano to take the keys completely off and clean under them? My piano has

A 10-Point Plan for Shows (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The Benefits Of Hiring Male Strippers Without a doubt, male strippers are unique in their own ways. This is mainly because of the reason that they can bring entertainment to single ladies who like to see men doing some stripping and dancing. All due to the complexity of the performance, a few actually see this as an art form. Having them in an all-female party, particularly in bridal showers will just be fitting enough. There are lots of different things that male strippers are able to provide aside from entertainment. And because of this, it is recommended that you get one whenever you’re having an all female party in the future. The rest part of this content will be discussing on the benefits for this subject. The first benefit that you have to know is that, they are not demanding high cost for their service as they’re keeping it low. With that said, you’ll get the chance of hiring them whenever you like to due to the affordability of their services. There are plenty of people who could attest on this subject especially those who have experienced hiring these male entertainers in the past.
How to

Precisely What Makes the Best Relationships Survive

Almost everyone, it would seem, has relationship advice to provide. Pick up a publication within the supermarket and odds are, dating advice will be your subject associated with one involving the actual cover reports. Each lady appreciates a minimum of one blog site offering love advice to women fighting in just a existing partnership. Deep down, it seems apparent that women and men would like the same items: love, acceptance, stability, and a romance that persists. Nonetheless a lot that seem to start nicely finish horribly. Exactly what is the hidden secret for a romantic relationship of which manages not to hang tight, but to support as well as foster both people within it forever? This can be a form of relationship advice which usually individuals actually wish.

Wise folks begin associations with all the awareness that they are certainly not straightforward continuously. Needless to say, neither is anything else which is worthwhile, for example building a house, succeeding within a profession, or possibly parenting a youngster. Accomplishments of worth are usually well worth the cost involving time and also work they will need just to be performed nicely also to realize success. Associations that work well

Care and Maintenance of Student Violins

Part of the joy of teaching violin students to play is to teach them how to properly care for their instrument, whether leased or owned. Properly caring for an instrument is as important an exercise as learning to play. In fact, each task goes hand in hand.


Below is a summary of care and maintenance of specific parts of the violin:

The Violin Bridge

The bridge is a delicate but vital part of the violin and is, along with the sound post, the soul of the instrument and it’s sound. Because it is so delicate, it is more apt to become broken or warped in the hands of a student. Because the violin bridge is held in place by the tension of the strings, it is affected by tuning from both sides of the violin, the fine tuners and the peg tuners.

The thing to remember is that the bridge should always be straight and perpendicular to the surface of the instrument. Too much tension from the pegs and/or fine tuners will bend the bridge. When this happens, keeping the feet in place, a parent or teacher should carefully put pressure on the bridge with

3 Musicians Tips from Someone With Experience

Recording Studios: Choosing the Best One for Your Music If you have a craft in terms of music, you find it awesome to simply look for a way on how to record your songs in a very special way. Just imagine all your fans waiting for your next album. Your fans deserve the best music that you can ever record. Looking for a high end recording studio is what you should do if you want to bring supreme success on your business. If this is your first time you independently find a recording studio, there are some important things that you need to consider. If you want to get more positive responses from the people around, it is important to decide to do high quality recording. It is very important for you to simply have a connection with your friends in the music industry. Those people whom you will meet have recording studios they can lend to you. If they are not rich enough, they can simply point some recording studios which can bring you the best recording experience. You will have time to find the best recording studio and you will surely love to

Enjoying Music from a Different Culture

When I first started watching Bollywood films with my fiance, I wasn’t sure what to think. I thought that it would be hard to understand a culture that is so different than the one I am used to, but I was intrigued with what I saw. I already knew the language pretty well from dating her for nearly four years, but we had never really watched films or listened to music from her culture up to that point. That is when she showed me songs.pk, the website where she listens to a lot of her music.

We have always had different musical tastes, and those worlds rarely collided. Continue reading “Enjoying Music from a Different Culture”